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Different Types of Handrails and Their Benefits When Installed Correctly

Handrails have numerous benefits, helping to ascend and descend building rooms. Also, the handrails come in handy, helping those with special needs to go up and down the stairs without any fears of falling or getting any injuries. There are different kinds of handrails, and the kind one chooses enables one to meet one objective, including ease of mobility and improved aesthetic appeal. Working with a professional in the field allows a homeowner to get a suitable handrail to execute an excellent installation process that offers durability. There are different kinds of handrails, which include the following:

Post-To-Post Inline Handrail / Support Rail for Wood Top Rails

The post-to-post inline handrail is fitted to run between posts in the railing systems using mounting brackets. The railing system can function as a standalone or get support for a custom /wood top rail. The benefits of the handrail include allowing the user to use thinner top rails that pen up above the railing. Additionally, the deck stair railing maintains cable tension when the top rail gets removed, making it easy for replacement to get done when needed. When the handrail supports a wood or top rail, it ties aluminum and wood together. The stairs version accommodates stairs/slopes and curves in a run, which gives the space a stunning look. The powder coat finish gets baked on the color coating in a manner that meets AAMA 2604 standards and has an anodized finish brushed black and a transparent electrochemically protective outer layer to increase corrosion resistance.

Wood top rails & components

The wood top rails & components are top rails that can easily elevate or tarnish the railing system, and the railing system is made of exotic woods and clear-grade cedars of the highest quality. The deck stair railing material is high quality and gets handpicked from premium suppliers. Western red cedar is considered a construction favorite because it is straight grain, fine, has outstanding strength, and has a low rate of contraction and expansion. The natural oils of the railing make it resistant to insects, decay, and moisture, and the wood gives the user a different range of finishes to preserve its beauty and strength. The other material is balau mahogany, also known as Selangan Batu, which is known for its unique beauty, natural durability, and hardness.

Aluminum posts and components

Aluminum posts and components are built to withstand the different cable infills without flexing. The reliability of the handrails enables contractors and homeowners to feel confident in their workability and reliability. The deck stair railing posts and components have a robust and unique design, which allows them to function well in places where they get installed. Professional contractors understand how to install them sufficiently to enable them to work best.


Handrailing materials and components keep advancing, and getting the right one to serve the needs of the homeowner works just fine. A professional in the field helps the owner choose the right one to install and performs a proper installation service to enable it to work well.